About Us

Just for the curious, otherwise skip. I’m Michèle Malone, former lecturer, now therapeutic foster carer and eternal student. For escapism I love nothing more than to curl up with a cat, a good book and a glass of wine. I have a long term interest in holistic care and I'm qualified in various alternative therapies and hope that my nurturing skills are beneficial to my feline (and human) family.

Although the Purfidelis prefix is registered in my name, it is very much a family affair. My husband, Joe, is the inspiration for our prefix, as we’ve been married almost thirty years and his family crest is Fidelis Ad Urnam, translated as Faithful until Death. He is employed as a manager in the engineering industry and is a devoted footie fan and film buff. We are quite different, so like to think that we complement each other, thereby producing healthy children of good type and temperament!

Chris is twenty eight, an honours graduate in Film & Media with Sports Studies from Stirling University, currently living in New Zealand and involved in the snowsports industry. Ryan, twenty six, graduated with honours in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde and is currently Business Development Manager for Little-Persia: Persian Rugs and Love-Rugs a Persian rug company and modern and custom rug company in Glasgow. His girlfriend, in addition to working full time, operates Sami Sam's Mobile Beauty - specialising in hair extensions, eyelash extensions and spray tanning in Airdrie and the surrounding areas. Shane is twenty three and an honours graduate from Stirling University in Physical Education and Professional Education, he is currently teaching PE in a secondary school.



We are a close family, dedicated to each other’s needs and although lively, we live harmoniously in a busy, fun and caring environment, surrounded by adorable cats and kittens who are truly part of the family. We each bring our personalities to bear on the kittens’ development, which ensures they are used to the nuances of human nature as well as all the noise and activity in our non-smoking family home.

Breed specific information can be found by clicking on Burmese. All our cats, past and present, are Burmese and we tell their stories in our pages. They comprise of Pebble, our first Burmese, Harry, a chocolate neuter, Strider and Romeo, brown neuter boys and our breeding girls Evie, our foundation queen, her daughters Angel and Yola and Keeva, who is Yola's daughter and our current breeding queen. You can read more about them on Our Neuter Pets and Our Queens pages. How we raise our Kittens provides an insight into our methods. Information on homoeopathy, Bach's remedies and aromatherapy for cats can be found in Health Care. For those curious about showing cats go to GCCF Shows and for those with a notion to breed go to Costing Your Kitten. Once you’ve decided to invite a Burmese into your life you’ll need to take a look at Collecting your Kitten and afterwards you might want to check out the Links. Finally, don’t forget to sample our Gallery and contact me with any views or enquiries. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the site.