Collecting Your Kitten

Just like in the Maternity, you won’t get out the door with your ’baby’ Burmese unless you have a safe carrier. Best of all is a cat-sized, plastic, top opening box that can be disinfected. To make her more comfortable a piece of vet bed or soft material should be placed on the bottom. Some people spray a little Feliway on the blanket, to reassure but it is debatable if it works with kittens. In any case, we provide some familiar things to help settle your Purfidelis kitten. If you have a long journey ahead you would also need water and food bowls and a small litter tray. Please do not be tempted to remove your kitten from its carrier until you are safely home.

We would love you to stay for at least an hour so that we get to know you better and allow the kitten to bond with you in familiar surroundings. This also allows us time to talk about diet and behaviour and sort out all the necessary paperwork. You will see your kitten interact with her littermates and mum, although don’t be surprised if mum looks a bit thin as she’s been expending energy training and feeding those babies for three months. Mum always seems to know when the kittens are going and we feel for her, but really she’s probably proud she’s done her job and desperate for a rest and more individual attention. We may get a little emotional as it’s a very bittersweet time, as we know they’ll be loved and looked after but we still miss them and fret.

Genuine GCCF registered Purfidelis Burmese come with the pink slip (official registration document), full pedigree and six weeks free insurance, plus vaccination and worming record and information on micro chipping. You’ll also receive a take-home bag with a kitten care booklet, litter and food samples and toys. If you haven’t already been bombarded with email photos, you’ll get some pictures of your kitten as a tiny baby and we hope that you’ll send us some as she grows.

Please be assured that we will always support you in any way we can with your kitten and that as a teacher I actively enjoy nurturing, so you can call or email anytime. If you are not entirely happy with your ‘baby’ we will have her back and rehome her where possible. In the short term a refund may be available.  In the long term you will be assured of a carefully selected home, appropriate to her needs.

Moving home is stressful, so keep your kitten on her regular food and litter for at least a week and change to your preference very gradually or she might develop an upset tummy.  She will miss her littermates and mum, so keep her warm and give her plenty of affection but don’t let her sleep in your bed unless you are happy for this to become the norm. Enjoy playing with her, but remember she’s still only tiny and like all babies needs lots of sleep. Don’t force introductions to other pets; in fact it is often a good idea to keep newcomers and existing pets in separate rooms for a while for health and safety. Likewise, human introductions are best done gradually, allowing the kitten to come to you.  Scan each room for potential hazards, the most obvious being open fires, laundry equipment, open doors and windows, WC, plants, choke hazards and electric wires, blind cords and cleaning materials.

Burmese kittens are extraordinarily bold and playful and benefit from an enriched environment with a variety of playthings. She will definitely need a scratching post to protect your furniture and keep her claws in trim. She is used to a cat climber but will make do with furniture of varying height, eventually leading to the top of doors and kitchen cupboards! Play tunnels, ball chasers, and fishing rod-type toys as well as furry mice and ping-pong balls are stimulating, but the best toy always has a human dimension. Burmese need company and the only thing better than one Burmese is two!