Bach Remedies

Bach remedies work on the emotions to bring the body into balance. Like humans, animals can be out of sorts and experience emotions such as loneliness and jealousy. Unlike humans, cats prefer diluted remedies, since the preserving alcohol tastes too strong for them. To dilute, put two drops of each remedy in 30ml of water and shake vigorously. From this four drops can then be given four times a day. A combination bottle can be made up, or in the single cat household drops can be added to drinking water. Another way of using a remedy is by rubbing it neat on your catís ears or paws.

Here is a list of useful remedies:

Please be aware that although qualified in other Complementary Therapies, I am not a Bach Foundation Approved Registered Practitioner and cannot vouch for all of these remedies. The remedies are not specifically for pets and can be purchased in Health Food stores, chemists or online. You may wish to browse for additional information.