Raising Our Kittens                                                                                                         Costs

Mia - beautiful BurmeseAngel - or is she?

Our aim at Purfidelis Burmese is to breed healthy, good-natured cats conforming closely to the breed standard. All kittens are homed as beloved pets but some may also go for show or breeding to carefully selected homes.

Champion Jenuine Outoftheblue Eve and her daughters, Champion Purfidelis Carved byAngels and Grand Champion Purfidelis Aisling Yola were our pets first and foremost. They sleep with us and live very much as part of the family.  Our girls will never be over-bred as their health and well-being is paramount. Breeding for us is not a business but an enjoyable hobby and we intend to stay small, so that we can give our cats the individual attention they deserve. At the age of 5 or 6 we feel it is right to cease breeding from the queens and have the girls spayed. This allows them to become full-time pets and prevents unnecessary strain on their bodies. Evie, Yola, and Angel have all been spayed and now the line has been passed on to Yola's kitten Caoimhe (pronouced Keeva).

Kittens relish mum’s quality milk and have free access as long as required, as Breast is Best. Mum is fed Nutri-plus Gel to help her get going with her milk supply and enormous quantities of quality, moist - both home cooked and commercial - protein food is given, alongside premium dry food and plenty fresh water, so as not to deplete mum’s own reserves.  Kittens begin to show an interest in eating solids by around four weeks, with scrambled eggs, sardines, coley and scrapings of chicken being the favourite weaning food. Royal Canin Babycat is a tiny kibble and is always available. As they grow we try other foods, keeping them as natural and nutritious as possible.  As solids increase, mum gradually withdraws the milk bar, although rarely objects to a wee comfort feed.

Kittens are completely home reared and socialised but are protected when very tiny from our other cats and visitors. They are born in a beautiful wooden nesting box, designed to our own specification to allow a space for a heat pad and a cooler area. Surrounding this is a top of the range Snowsilk pen to allow safe play, exploration and litter training when they leave the nest. By four weeks this becomes restrictive and is removed, allowing them freedom of our ‘dressing room’, a large cosy ensuite, containing wardrobes and a chest of drawers where they enjoy a two storey scratching post, play tunnel and a variety of toys. The confident little rascals soon demand even more freedom and rush out the door to our expansive bedroom where they delight in racing around, play-fighting, learning to ‘hunt’ and refine their skills from their ever attentive mum. A recent addition is a huge cat gym, which they delight in scampering up then pushing each other off!        


The kittens are so adorable and fascinating they take over our lives and we practically live upstairs. From an early age they become familiar with different sounds such as TV, hairdryer, music and chat, although they’re never keen on the Dyson. Only selected visitors are allowed and they are expected to remove their shoes and wash their hands.

By the time the kittens have had their first vaccination around nine weeks they are out, pounding downstairs, wreaking havoc all around the house and demanding adulation from our other pets and guests. The love, attention and security the kittens receive builds trust which is transferred to new owners who delight in their kitten’s confidence and easy integration into their new home. We love to keep in touch with new owners, supporting and sharing milestones and revelling in photographs throughout the years. 

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