Our Neuter Pets

picture of pebbleAlthough fairly new to breeding, we have twenty years experience in the ways of Burmese. Our original Burmese was a beautiful pale chocolate boy, Tamorie Tai Pan. We called him Pebble as he was smooth and silky and the colour of a perfect beach. Sometimes he ‘hunted’ clothes from washing lines and once he returned with a seagull! He was so much part of the family the boys, as tiny tots, used to include him in their prayers and when Shane was born, five year old Chris shouted ‘Ryan, Pebble, we’ve got another brother!’ He was not a show cat, but how we loved him and he enriched our lives so much that he inspired us to breed.

Our hearts ached when Pebble died but our dreams of breeding were sidelined by our vulnerability. Jen Mackenzie offered to sell us her 10-month-old chocolate boy, Jenuine Harry Potter (Harry) along with a kitten. When we arrived in Nairn there was only a cheeky brown male kitten available (Strider) and we were powerless to resist. We were encouraged to show them and get to know other breeders before breeding ourselves.

Strider, termed 'liquid silk' by a judge is the most typically naughty and outgoing of our boys. He is a master at removing you from the best seat and flipping items off shelves and loves to investigate the contents of visitor's bags, frequently falling asleep inside. He demands attention with a headbutt and a melting cuddle.

Harry is a big, muscled boy with a really soft personality.Think John Coffey (The Green Mile). He is the responsible big brother whosometimes needs space from the kittens and calling queens and revels in tummy tickles and being groomed. His roaring purr and sumptuous coat is the ultimate stress relief.

Romeo (Champion Purfidelis Latin Lover) is my secret smile, the boy I should never have kept but couldn't resist. He was born purring, one of Evie's 'Magnificent Seven' to Grand Champion Catimus Kodaly and is litter brother to Yola. Their adorable antics together bring me untold pleasure. He's my deliciously handsome baby - a big overgorwn kitten who has me completely round his paw with his gleaming coart, stunning golden eyes and powerful physique.