Our Queens

Our foundation queen, Champion Jenuine Outoftheblue Eve came to us literally ‘out of the blue’.  We’d been searching for the perfect brown girl but Evie was too captivating to overlook. She's of moderate type, with an outstanding short, silky, silvered coat and is elegantly athletic. She's a sweetie at home and at stud and produces lovely kittens, many of whom are doing well on the show bench. A doting mother, she relishes her kittens and nurtures them to the minute the go.

Daughter, Champion Purfidelis Carved byAngels has the most beguiling face which belies her rumbustious nature. She oversees all the remodelling of the house and generally takes charge of everything and everybody, running faster, climbing higher and biting whiskers off anyone who gets in her way! Underneath her sauciness she's sweet and sensual and a lovingly attentive mum to her own and others' kittens.

Imperial Grand Champion Aisling Yola is our golden girl of the moment - Champion in three straight shows, Grand Champion in four and Imperial Grand Champion in five. Yola is a TV star plus Best Burmese in show at The Scottish Cat Club Golden Anniversary and Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club shows in 2007. Her name (pronounced Ashleen) means beautiful dream and she has lived up to all our expectations with her exquisite coat and stunning golden eyes, coupled with her sweet and playful nature. She is known as 'Yola bear' as she's so cuddly, especially in bed.